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Posted by Rebecca Thompson on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

Storage Reinvented: A Storage Solution for Cloud Era

Some have been wondering since we tipped our hat at AWS re:Invent San Francisco in the spring when and how Avere was diving into the cloud. Well, today, the beginning of AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Avere officially has announced its entry into the space with a product that has been already been called the “missing link” to enterprise cloud storage.

Avere just launched what we’re referring to as “storage reinvented,” a mission-driven term that describes our vision of giving enterprises the flexibility to store data anywhere efficiently. We want to do this in way that eliminates the obstacles and negative consequences of diversifying storage by delivering high performance, high availability, and a familiar interface. The product that gets us there is Avere Cloud NAS, a purpose-built enterprise solution that integrates existing enterprise storage systems with the cloud.

Watch Ron Bianchini Talk about Storage Reinvented

A key component of Avere Cloud NAS is the introduction of Avere FlashCloud™ software that integrates legacy network-attached storage (NAS) with Amazon S3 and Glacier services into a single global namespace (GNS) that presents a unified view of all files via familiar NAS protocols. FlashCloud running on Avere’s performance-leading FXT Edge filers provides many benefits including:

  • Scalable performance to guarantee there is always sufficient CPU and network I/O for demanding applications.
  • Scalable capacity to enable a large working set of active data, up to 450TB, to be stored on the enterprise premises to ensure a high “hit rate” and low latency access to data.
  • Clustering for high availability to ensure that data is always available even in the presence of network outages and other failures.

In conjunction with Avere FlashCloud, existing Avere products such as FlashMove™ and FlashMirror™ provide a fast path for easily moving online, live data to and from the cloud without disruption. Data can also be moved between cloud providers or mirrored to another location to mitigate the risk of a service outage.

You can learn all about Avere Cloud NAS this week in Las Vegas, as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier are the first solutions supported. We can talk about how this new solution can help you drive the cost out of data storage with unlimited capacity scaling in the cloud and unlimited performance scaling at the edge of the data center. We’ll show you how you can tightly integrate your existing on premises storage systems with cloud storage to deliver highly available, secure and scalable performance. We hope your join us and spend some time getting to know Avere Cloud NAS.

Are you ready?

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