New Hybrid Cloud Video Learning Series: Ask Avere Almost Anything

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Fri, Mar 04, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

Ask_Avere_Anything_Thumbnail_-_250px.pngFrom web chats to support, Avere’s employees get asked many questions from people in different phases of building or using hybrid cloud NAS. Cloud integration raises questions  for systems engineers and storage administrators that span data center architecture, (compute, storage, networking) and that of the cloud service providers. Beyond the systems team, cloud adoption is often a director and above decision that leaves many scratching their heads looking for ways to make it happen. 

We also see that everyone loves short videos. So, we thought, we have great people at Avere with lots of knowledge on how to make these things work. Let’s get these experts to answer these questions and share them for all to see!

So we started internally recruiting volunteers from some questions we received from curious people. Once these volunteers got over the idea of being on camera on the Internet, they were more than willing to help. So we are happy to roll out a new video series called Ask Avere Almost Anything.

Avere employees can go deep quickly talking file systems and directory structures as well as bandwidth and cloud storage challenges. Many of them have been in the industry for some time and are quite familiar with the current storage technologies you use every day. So as long as it is related to these topics, Avere will consider the question and recruit the right person to respond to you and the world.

How to Get the Ask Avere Videos

We will post these as they are ready, but are striving to share at least two per month on our website, on YouTube, and send by email. You’ll also find them on our social channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + (#AskAvere). So you can pretty much pick how you want to go about getting the info, but just be sure to choose at least one.

We promise to make the videos as short and succinct as possible, while still answering the question. While we hope there aren’t many, we cannot promise to answer every question. Some may just be too complex for the format or so specific to a unique use case that we cannot answer confidently without more information. We will only publicly name the asker fo the question by first name to keep things anonymous. 

Check out one of the first videos answering, "How do I know when to enable cloud bursting?"

Then, check out a few more. You’ll find answers to:

  1. How do you handle data export with external data providers? Watch.
  2. I thought Hadoop didn’t run on NAS. What’s the deal? Watch.
  3. How does scaling in the cloud affect latency? Watch.

How to Ask Avere a Question

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