Rendering in the Cloud with Avere and Google Cloud Platform

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Wed, Apr 15, 2015 @ 04:30 PM

This week at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Las Vegas, Avere announced teaming with Google Cloud Platform. With this addition, Avere now allows enterprises more flexibility to integrate public cloud compute and storage along with private object storage into existing infrastructures.

Rendering with Avere & Google Cloud Platform

At NAB, Avere is busy talking about many use cases, but certainly rendering is one of the most discussed. For studios, rendering is challenging for several reasons, including:

  • High artist costs
  • Fixed pricing models
  • High capital expenditures for on-premises compute and storage
  • Fixed on-premises resources to complete projects

Rendering and simulation work is often happening concurrently, which can be very demanding on the infrastructure resources. As Jeff Kember explains in this video, file I/O will start to make renders fall over due to the storage system being unable to handle the simulations and renders at the same time.

When you consider rendering in the cloud using Avere with Google Cloud Platform, you get exceptional I/O and high networking throughput. Plus, using the cloud you pay only for resources you need for as long as you need them; meanwhile, you keep artists productive and not waiting for render jobs. Given that many times it is not unusual for studios to run rendering farms at 90-95% utilization, the compute cloud with the Avere vFXT enables easy cloud bursting with quick spin-up and spin-down for instant additional resources. And, the Avere FXT Edge filer technology masks much of the latency typically experienced by geographical remoteness of the Cloud Service Provider. 

This diagram shows on-premises compute and storage on the bottom and cloud compute and storage on the top. A virtual render farm can be quickly created in Google Compute Engine using Avere vFXT, accessing data from on-premises NAS or object storage or data stored in a service like Google Cloud Storage.

Rendering in the Cloud

With an active archive in Google Cloud Storage, artists can also retrieve archived files quickly. Avere FlashCloud™ includes Cloud Snapshots, allowing artists to bring back TBs of snapshotted data instantly, saving the artists and administrators precious time and resources when operating under tight deadlines and budgets. 

Why Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is designed for big data in compute intensive environments, which closely matches Avere’s client base. Our customers are rendering big budget movies heavy on visual effects, managing large media files in content libraries, discovering new sources of energy, and even analyzing large collections of genomic data to develop new life-changing treatments.

"The ability of Avere Systems to support the massive computational and storage needs of digital media and entertainment-related use cases strongly positions Avere Systems to support the needs of organizations that need to create a compute and storage intensive hybrid cloud infrastructure in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform."  ~ Arnal Dayaratna, Cloud Computing Today

Google Cloud Platform is built on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users. It has a top-notch global infrastructure with multiple points of presence across the globe for strong redundancy. Known for innovation, Google Cloud Platform simply fits with the innovators using Avere technology to maximize infrastructure flexibility and performance.

Watch this video live from NAB where Post Magazine spoke to Avere’s Jeff Tabor and Google Cloud Platform’s Patrick McGregor.

Flexibility to Store Your Data Anywhere

We have always been about driving top performance for NAS and allowing our customers the freedom to choose where they store data. With exciting alliances with companies like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Cleversafe and Amplidata, we continue to provide even more flexibility for storage options and to make that data easily and efficiently accessible to the best cloud compute services available. 


Learn more about Rendering in a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. Download the Hybrid Cloud NAS for Rendering Solution Brief.

Hybrid Cloud NAS for Rendering

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