Game on at NAB 2018

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Tue, Mar 27, 2018 @ 02:33 PM

There is one place where more than 100,000 people gather each year to experience the “M.E.T. Effect” — the convergence of media, entertainment, and technology. NAB Show allows people from all over the world to focus on their careers, plan for projects, and find new and more efficient ways to create. Vendors showcase their latest head-turning tech, while attendees bring curiosity, creativity and energy.

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Game of Thrones: New Opportunities for VFX Studios

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Tue, Jul 18, 2017 @ 10:34 AM

As we sat in my kitchen awaiting the first episode of Season 7 to begin, wagers started to be made on which remaining Game of Thrones character would die first. True to form, death was abundant right from the very beginning, and we’ll just stop there as this isn’t going to be a spoiler post. As far as my own small group who has been watching the show together for some time, we’ll still have to wait for a winner.

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Spotlight: HPC Data Archiving with Avere & HGST

Posted by Christine Tompkins on Fri, Jun 09, 2017 @ 11:50 AM

Media asset archiving is an essential part of the media & entertainment industry, especially as the volume of data grows. Archives become larger and larger, which means they become more and more difficult to build and manage infrastructure for. At the same time, it is becoming more important to have fast access to that data. For rendering and transcoding applications, performance is an essential component to being competitive in this very fast-moving industry.

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Topics: HPC, Media & Entertainment, Private Object Storage

Cloud Rendering at NAB

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Thu, Apr 20, 2017 @ 12:11 PM

If you’re responsible for post-production workflows, chances are that one topic on your NAB attack list is to evaluate options for cloud rendering. You’ll find no fewer than thirteen sessions in the cloud technology category, and no doubt many will discuss using the cloud for rendering.

Beyond the sessions, we invite you to investigate options on the show floor. You’ll find just one unique solution that allows you to render jobs using your existing network-attached storage and cloud compute services. To learn about it, head right to the Avere Systems booth in the South Lower Hall.

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12 NAB Tips to Make Your Trip Better

Posted by Joy Burd on Fri, Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:03 PM

NAB is packed with the three "E's" — education, exhibits, and entertainment. If you're a first time attendee, consider some of these tips before heading to Vegas for your week-long adventure.

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Making Movie Magic: 2017 Oscar Nominees for Best Visual Effects

Posted by Daniel Seitz on Mon, Feb 27, 2017 @ 02:04 PM

While the demise of theaters has been foretold, we keep coming back for more. Movie studios have upped their games to keep audiences returning to the big screen. The Oscars are not just about rewarding the hard work of the red-carpet starlets, but about bringing wider recognition to those mastering their arts behind the scenes.

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Animation & VFX in France

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Mon, Jan 09, 2017 @ 08:00 AM

Specialty VFX Shops Bring Stories to Life Using Cloud Infrastructure

When it comes to animation and VFX, Europe’s powerhouse is the United Kingdom. But in 2016, France, as well as other countries like Belgium and Spain, have been making strides to become more competitive. The threat in the UK has been attributed to “severe skill shortage” and “insufficient government support” as far back as 2012 as noted in this Wired article.

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Topics: Media & Entertainment, Rendering & Transcoding, Cloud Compute

Preparing Post Production for Cloud Rendering

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

With peaks and valleys in a workflow as the norm in many post-production studios, using cloud resources to offset overcapacity IT infrastructure can seem very attractive. Not only can you pay as you need it and avoid large capital expenses, but it can also provide smaller studios the ability to go after projects they once could not due to limited compute capacity. The cloud lets these smaller shops work like big shops and deliver top quality in tight timelines.

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Post Production at NAB

Posted by Joy Burd on Fri, Apr 15, 2016 @ 08:46 AM

Avere, along with 1,788 other companies, will be setting up booths this weekend and inviting the more than 103,119 visitors to check out the massive exhibit floor at some point during the weeklong National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event next week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Infographic: Burst to Compute Cloud for Rendering

Posted by Gretchen Weaver on Wed, Mar 23, 2016 @ 12:07 PM

When it comes to an efficient decision to leverage cloud rendering to meet aggressive, looming deadlines, Moonbot investigated, evaluated, and launched in under 60 days. This inforgraphic tells the story of why Moonbot Studios made the move using the vFXT to leverage scalable rendering capacity using the compute cloud.

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Topics: Media & Entertainment, Rendering & Transcoding, Cloud Compute